Construction Law

Count on the Law Offices Of Charles A. Caldwell to provide full-service legal representation in matters of construction law. Trust him to help you negotiate construction contracts whether you're the owner, general contractor, or a subcontractor. This includes a detailed review of the scope of work, liability and indemnity, and timing of payments. He also consults for request for bids and submission of bid packages, as well as preparing liens and lien releases.

Full-Service Representation

Trust Charles Caldwell to provide all the legal support you need. In Request for Bids, you'll receive a package of all of the necessary documents to be submitted, and he'll go over all of them to ensure the request is properly filled out and packaged. If there are missing documents, he will find or prepare them for you. For lien notices and affidavits, he'll ensure everything is filled out in a timely manner and properly prepared.

Support You Can Count On

The benefit to relying on the Law Offices Of Charles A. Caldwell is that your attorney will ensure you know exactly what to expect. With each contract, you'll know all the little details, and he'll ensure you're paid in a timely manner and that there are no hidden liabilities. Generally, you can count on him to ensure you are protected in all matters of construction law. Contact him today for a consultation to learn more about pricing.