Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Any time you have a commercial or residential real estate issue, turn to the Law Offices Of Charles A. Caldwell. He can guide you through all manner of real estate issues, from purchases to leasing and more.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Count on Mr. Caldwell to draft and negotiate real estate purchases, leases, and subleases for office, retail, and multi-use properties. If your business is considering buying or building a new office or location, or you need to relocate or start your new business, He can provide the guidance you need. He also drafts leases for tenants. Time varies based on the complexity of cases, but generally can be done in anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Thanks to his years of experience, as well as his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, you'll get quality representation and the advice you need.

Residential Real Estate

For your residential real estate services, Charles Caldwell can provide the support you need. He reviews and negotiates custom home building contracts, drafts residential leases, handles evictions and foreclosures, reviews mortgages, and provides property management support.

In property management, he can handle your payments, deal with any repair issues, leases, evictions, and negotiates contracts with general contractors and subcontractors. For needed repairs, he can help you locate professionals to do the repairs in a timely manner. He also provides support for sales and purchases, and reviews the documents and drafts them if necessary.

In addition to all of this, Charles Caldwell reviews titles and conducts title searches. Title reviews tell him, and you, if a title is clear and marketable. You'll learn about liens, encumbrances, and more.

Probate & Estate Matters

In addition to real estate services, the Law Offices Of Charles A. Caldwell handles probate and estate matters, title issues, residential and equipment leases, and insurance and bonding issues. Backed by years of experience in real estate asset management, real estate sales and closings, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and evictions, you'll get the help, support, and guidance that you need.