Civil Litigation & Mediation

When it comes to matters of civil litigation, you can count on Mr. Caldwell to protect your interests and rights. His goal is always to ensure that you are treated fairly and to that end, he will fight for the justice you deserve and compensation you seek.

Civil Guidance

Through years of legal experience and expertise, as well as listening and understanding what's important to you, Mr. Caldwell will work to get you what you need and deserve. You can count on him to inform you of the law and how it can best serve and protect you. If a business or other dispute occurs, or if you don't get what was agreed to and you need assistance, you can resolve the issue through either litigation or mediation. Mr. Caldwell will stay with you until the matter is resolved, no matter how long it takes.


In mediation Charles Caldwell assists clients with alternative dispute resolutions, whether voluntary or court-ordered. You might need support here if you are ordered by a court to go to mediation, or if the parties agree to mediation, or if you've agreed to mediation prior to or during litigation. Mr. Caldwell has more than 21 years of experience in mediation.